Remote login

Remote login

Simple Instructions: Both, Sunday and Wednesday.

Please log in 5-15 min prior to the class begining.

Join Using a Computer with speakers


Please dont forget that a smart phone or tablet, with wifi access or a data plan can funtion like a computer on their own, maybe better, Both Apple and Android have Zoom apps available for download for free. 

We have added two more options for connection


OR Join Using a Phone:  This provision is meant to accomidate any touch tone phone without need for a wifi connection or data plan. 


  • Dial 253-215-8782  caution wired phone users: this is not a toll free number, long distance charges may apply.  consider your phone plan.
  • Enter Meeting ID 586 017 430 # when prompted
  • Enter # again to skip entering the participant ID



Instructions and Details for joining the Remote Class:


When joining the Remote Class by phone only (phone number above), you can press *6 to mute and unmute yourself to participate in the Bible Study discussions.


You can also use your phone in addition to your computer or device for audio (speakers and microphone) purposes.  See the instructions below for all the information needed.


The Remote Class will currently be utilizing an app called "Zoom."  By clicking on the link, (same as top of page), your web browser will open and you will be asked to perform a one-time download.  Once the download is complete, you will see a pop up (might need to enable pop ups from Zoom in your web browser) window asking if you want to “Join a Meeting.”  Click on that option.  You may need to enter the 9-digit ID upon your first time.  You can also set your name as it will appear on your screen within the meeting.


In the future, you can click on the same link,, and you'll be prompted to "Open Zoom," then you'll autmatically be joined to the meeting, and should not have to enter any information (unless prompted).  Or, you may join by opening the installed Zoom app on your device and entering the meeting ID: 586 017 430.


You can continue to use the link provided above for all future meetings and we may send an email before each meeting with the links inluded as well.


If you would like to test and get familiar with Zoom now, before the actual class begins, I will leave the meeting active and open as much as possible so you can join at any time.  Once you join the meeting, you will see additional instructions explaining how Zoom and the meeting works.  If the meeting is not active at the time, you should still be able to join, but check back periodicially for the instructions to appear.


Upon entering the meeting, you will be asked (pop up window) if you want to “Join With Computer Audio" or join by "Phone Call.


Choose "Join by Computer" if the device you're using has speakers and/or a microphone.  This will work for all smart phones and most tablets depending on your device.  Some computers will not have a microphone and/or speakers.


If that's the case, choose to join by "Phone Call."  You will still be able to watch the meeting on your computer, but you will need to call into the meeting using any landline, cell or smart phone.  You will be shown a phone number, meeting ID and partickpant ID on your computer screen that needs to be entered on your phone when prompted.


You will see various icons and viewing options either at the top or bottom of your screen.


"Speaker View" will enlarge the speakers' screen/presentation to be prominent on your device for easier viewing.


The "Microphone" icon allows you to mute/unmute yourself.  The meeting Host may mute individuals if needed due to feedback or background noise.  It's a good idea to unmute only when you wish to speak, then promptly re-mute yourself.  The "spacebar" on your computer is a quick way to toggle between mute/unmute.


The "Video Camera" icon will switch your devices' camera (if applicacable) on and off.  You may want to see the others in the meeting as if we are still in the building, but too many videos can also cause a distraction on your screen.  It might be a good idea for all participants to turn off their cameras and we can revisit our preferences for cameras later.


If you don't see a "Chat" or "Raise Hand" icon, you may need to click on the "More" (...) option to open these choices.  "Chat" will let you type a comment or question for all or individuals to see, and "Raise Hand" alerts everyone to call on you.



It could be possible to connect your device to your TV for better viewing, especially for small groups.  Please consult your device instructions for connecting to a TV or search on the internet for a solution.

ONCE CONNECTED TO YOUR TV, you will need to change the output audio within your Zoom meeting itself.  Click on the small arrow appearing near the Microphone and Camera icon (top or bottom of your screen).  for the "Speaker" option, choose your TV (tv model) as your speaker.  You should now hear sound coming from your TV in addition to the video.


As this is a new development for our services, we will all be learning together what works, what doesn't, and what we can improve.  We thank you for your patience, and appreciate your desire to attend services and serve our Lord the best we can.


Please let the elders and/or deacons know of any questions or feedback you may have.


Jace Kelley